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A single woman thrown out of her family home. A terrifying specter that only she sees. A dark connection between his past and hers…

After her father’s tragic death and her mother’s more recent passing, loss leaves an emptiness she can’t fill. But now thirty-two-year-old Jeannie Lyons must leave her family home, the one place that lets her keep alive the memory of her parents. She moves into an old house on the edge of town, one too big for just her and her three-legged cat, but she soon gets the impression she’s not alone. Her brother thinks she has an overactive imagination. Her sister-in-law thinks she needs counseling. The man her brother’s been trying to set her up with is the only one who seems to believe her, but can she trust him? Having nowhere else to turn, she must face her inner demons and confront this soul from beyond the grave... Set in modern times, this supernatural thriller is loosely based on the apparitions to Eugenie von der Leyen (1867-1929).

Tortured Soul

  • 9780997674774

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