Contemporary Catholic fiction

2nd place winner of the 2016 Catholic Press Association Teen & YA Book Awards
Despised by his older twin brothers, new to River Run High, friendless, and the subject of cruel rumors ... Roland West has a plan. He wants to get his tutor back and avoid high school by proving himself on his father's upcoming assignment in Italy. Before the trip and while his father is away, he must avoid falling victim to his brothers' schemes. To get free from his brothers' first trap, he ends up accepting the help of Peter Brandt, a kid from school who lives nearby. Not sure if he can trust Peter, he finds himself drawn to Peter’s inheritance, an old, mysterious, locked box. The secret of the inheritance may have the power to change the life of this loner.

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Life-Changing Love

The characters in this pro-life story face the questions: Who am I? Where am I headed? How am I going to get there?

Caitlyn Summer, soon to be fifteen, must practice old-fashioned courtship with high parental involvement, but she has a terrible crush on shy Roland West and she has competition from a girl with no restrictions. As Caitlyn struggles to remain faithful to God, her parents, and herself, her best friend gets pregnant and might get an abortion. When Caitlyn discovers her mother's past mistakes, she begins to resent all the guidelines her parents expect her to follow.

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Book #1

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Roland West, Loner

Roland West, Loner       Life-Changing Love       Battle for His Soul       Standing Strong       Roland West, Outcast

Secrets: Visible & Invisible (published by Catholic Teen Books)

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Battle for His Soul

Book 3 in the West Brothers series.
1st-place winner of the 2017 Catholic Press Association Teen & YA Book Awards

Jarret West, a rich teenage boy, has been accustomed to having control over others and getting his way. So when his life begins to fall apart, his guardian angel Ellechial hopes now is the time for his conversion. He must be freed from the deep clutches of Deth-kye, the demon bent on seeing him in hell. The fate of several others depends upon Jarret’s conversion.

Jarret's twin brother has joined a new prayer group and their prayer before the Blessed Sacrament has made Ellechial strong. Still, Deth-kye wins victory after victory. His weapons: emotions, vices and memories. Who will win the battle for Jarret's soul?

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Standing Strong

Follow the West brothers as they struggle through temptations and trials down paths they can barely see, toward goals they desire in the depths of their hearts.

Having just confessed his sins to his priest--more sins than a kid his age should have--Jarret jumps in his Chrysler 300 and races to the outskirts of town. Emotion overwhelming him, he pulls off the road and flings himself face down behind an outcropping of rocks. Ever since that life-changing night in the canyon, Jarret has felt the presence of the Lord in his soul. Now that presence is fading. Is it his fault? How will he remain faithful without it when he still struggles against the same temptations?

​Meanwhile his twin brother, Keefe, questions whether he has a calling to religious life. He's gone along with Jarret's bad schemes for years. Is he worthy of such a calling? What would he have to give up to pursue a vocation? Keefe reads everything he can about St. Francis and the Franciscans, but he’s afraid to talk to his father about the Franciscans' upcoming discernment retreat because his father seems closed to faith. Is he ready to go all in?

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Roland West, Outcast

He's searching for the truth but is he ready to proclaim it?

Shy Roland West, who fears speaking up, attends high school with gossips and troublemakers. After panicking in speech class and becoming the subject of gossip, his best friend, Peter Brant, pushes him to uncover the vandals of an outcast's house before they strike again. With the Catholic youth group, he helps repair the damage to the outcast's house and questions fellow students, but he draws more negative attention to himself. In his search, Roland finds himself ridiculed and challenged about his beliefs, becoming more of a target. As he draws closer to uncovering the perpetrator, his friend Caitlyn is threatened. Once Roland discovers the sinister reason behind the vandalism, he must overcome his fear of speaking out to confront and expose the perpetrators.

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Secrets: Visible & Invisible

This short story anthology published by contains a West Brothers story: The Portrait of the Fire Starters

As described by Mark Hart of Life Teen International, who provides the foreword, "Each story reveals something different about the human heart and our constant (though, often veiled) desire for truth and virtue."


"The Portrait of the Fire Starters" - a mysterious, ever-changing painting alarms a group of teens.

Softcover, 216 pp, $13.99 retail

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