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"Only God knows the good that can come about by reading one good Catholic book." ~Saint John Bosco

Santa Clara y su Gata

The English version of this beautifully illustrated children's book sells out at every Catholic conference. Apparently, many Catholic families have or know a child named Clare and think it would make a nice addition to their home library. But others are drawn to the Franciscan charism which is portrayed so well in this story. 

This story is filled with actual historical events from the saint's life. And--I recently discovered--Saint Clare really did love cats! I invite you to search for Saint Clare and cats online and see the adorable pictures that come up in your search.

And now, we are happy to make available the Spanish version!

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Catholic Children's Chapter Books

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The battle within each of us goes on every day.  


"The Armor of God books delightfully teach children to love and strive after virtue, while entertaining them with interesting stories. I love how this final book in the series helps children to appreciate the Word of God and sparks their interest in learning Bible verses. The powerful lessons in this exciting story are needed by our children to help arm themselves against the enemy of their salvation."


~Sister Mary Roberta, Teacher

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A young woman’s act of mercy toward a man she's never liked puts her on an unexpected path that challenges her to look beneath the surface.


Summer at West Castle peels back all the layers of Jarret's and Caitlyn's flaws and insecurities. The the reader is treated to a sweet and genuine romance, the kind that doesn't make sense to the world but makes perfect sense through the lens of faith."

~Carolyn Astfalk, author of contemporary Catholic romance 

"What an engaging story! This clean romance for new adults rises above most Christian romances I have read." 

~Cynthia T. Toney, author of award-winning The Other Side of Freedom

" will devour this book. It is full of all those magical moments that cause you to say aww…, make you all gooey-eyed, and keep you turning the pages."

~Leslea Wahl, author of award-winning The Perfect Blindside

Clean Catholic Romance


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