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November 2019

On the road to San Damiano, Grandma Nonna shares with her grandson Antonio a once-upon-a-time story about Saint Clare. Full-color illustrations and a delightful tale capture the beauty and faith of Saint Clare as she pursues her vocation and embraces the joyful and simple Franciscan spirituality. Ever-appreciative of the little things, Clare's happiness blossoms even more with her wonderful discovery of a tiny kitten.

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Saint Clare and Her Cat: Recent Books


"I read it through and found it beautifully illustrated and written. You have my approval! By all means the St. Joseph's table would love to have one." ~ Fr. Gillilan

"This charming story of Saint Clare of Assisi and her blossoming friendship with a mischievous little cat is absolutely delightful." ~ Amazon review, Nose in a Book

"The story is written in an engaging and entertaining manner. . . . And can be read again and again, at the writing of this review I have read it almost a dozen times, by myself or with one or more of my children. . . . It is a great Catholic picture book, fun for the whole family.." ~Steven R. McEvoy, Book Reviews & More

"Wonderful and delightful story with incredible illustrations!! Children will love the full colored pages as they listen to the story. A must add to any children’s collection." ~ Amazon review, Didi

"Saint Clare and Her Cat is a great introduction to the Franciscan saint. Told as a story within a story, it's appealing to children with friendly illustrations and pretty kitty too. The book would make a great gift for a child any time of the year." ~ An Open Book Family

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