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Expand Your Teen's Bookshelf with stories that build their faith, rather than tear it down.


Contemporary Fiction

The West Brothers series is contemporary Catholic teen fiction about three teenage brothers who live in a castle-like house, complete with battlements and a secret passage. In the first book, they are new to River Run High School. This is a problem for Roland, who is incredibly shy. But it's not problem at all for his older twin brothers, who exude confidence. The three brothers don't always know the right thing to do but they grow and change over the years, finding answers to life's questions in the treasure of the Faith. Two books in this series won awards from the Catholic Press Association, Roland West, Loner and Battle for His Soul. But our favorite "award" comes from reluctant readers who can relate to the characters, love the books, and encourage inspire the author to write more in this series.


Dystopian Trilogy

Set in the near future, the government controls everything from cradle to grave. Science and technology have developed without ethical considerations, and the green agenda has gone wild, placing the earth above man. Population numbers have been drastically reduced and people live in designated cities surrounded by high electrical fences. Life begins in the laboratory and children are raised in the government Primary and Secondary facilities, receiving the education and indoctrination they need to keep the earth safe and this society going for generations to come. Those who don't agree or cooperate, those who challenge the system, are in danger of re-education. ​Unbeknownst to the all-controlling government, a hidden, underground movement exists. And Liberty is about to discover it. Her life will never be the same.

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