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The West Brothers series is contemporary Catholic teen fiction about three teenage brothers who live in a castle-like house, complete with battlements and a secret passage. In the first book, they are new to River Run High School. This is a problem for Roland, who is incredibly shy. But it's not problem at all for his older twin brothers, who exude confidence.

The three brothers don't always know the right thing to do but they grow and change over the years, finding answers to life's questions in the treasure of the Faith. Three books in the series won awards from the Catholic Press Association:  Roland West, Loner, Battle for His Soul, and Summer at West Castle. But the author's favorite "award" comes from reluctant readers who can relate to the characters, love the books, and encourage her to write more in this series.

Roland West, Loner

Number in series


High school can be tough on any kid, but it's worse for a loner.

Standing Strong

Number in series


When the path is not clear, when temptation is near, when God speaks in a whisper you can barely hear...

Anyone But Him

Number in series


A NEW ADULT pro-life mystery romance connected to the West Brothers series. Read before Summer at West Castle.

Life-Changing Love

Number in series


While her best friend has no rules, she must practice old-fashioned courtship.

Roland West, Outcast

Number in series


He's searching for the truth but is he ready to proclaim it?

Summer at West Castle

Number in series


A young woman’s act of mercy toward a man she's never liked puts her on an unexpected path that challenges her to look beneath the surface.

Battle for His Soul

Number in series


An angel and a demon fight over a troubled teen's soul.

Fire Starters

Number in series


While struggling to prepare friends for Confirmation, a group of teens suspect someone is behind the potential closing of their church.

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