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Roland West, Loner

High school can be tough on any kid, but it's worse for a loner.

Softcover, 318 pp

Despised by his older twin brothers, new to River Run High, friendless, and the subject of cruel rumors ... Roland West has a plan. He wants to get his tutor back and avoid high school by proving himself on his father's upcoming assignment in Italy. Before the trip and while his father is away, he must avoid falling victim to his brothers' schemes. To get free from his brothers' first trap, he ends up accepting the help of Peter Brandt, a kid from school who lives nearby. Not sure if he can trust Peter, he finds himself drawn to Peter’s inheritance, an old, mysterious, locked box. The secret of the inheritance may have the power to change the life of this loner.

"Roland West, Loner is a stellar teen novel!"

~Carolyn Astfalk, author of Stay With Me

"If I was allowed to choose only one novel this year that was not only sheer delight to read, but also had the most profound impact on my spiritual life, it would be - without a shadow of a doubt - Roland West, Loner. I wish I could give this book to every Catholic teen I know (and their parents too!)."

~Susan Peek, author of Saint Magnus, The Last Viking
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