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Summer at West Castle

A young woman’s act of mercy toward a man she's never liked puts her on an unexpected path that challenges her to look beneath the surface.

Softcover, 324 pp

"Best of Catholic Reads 2023"
College student Caitlyn Summer arrives at the Wests’ castle-like house to fill in for their live-in maid. After a recent decision blows her vision of the future, this ideal job and the peaceful surroundings are just what she needs to seek God’s will for her life.

That is, until Jarret West, not wanting a repeat of past mistakes, backs out of a summer-long field study overseas and returns home. The two have never gotten along, and unforgettable baggage from the past makes it hard even to be cordial.

While Jarret’s faults convince Caitlyn he hasn’t changed, she forces herself to offer kindness. Her act of mercy puts them on an unexpected path where Caitlyn is challenged to look beneath the surface and Jarret struggles to trust that God wills good for him.

(Anyone but Him should be read before Summer at West Castle)

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" will devour this book. It is full of all those magical moments that cause you to say aww…, make you all gooey-eyed, and keep you turning the pages."

~Leslea Wahl, author of award-winning The Perfect Blindside

"How did such a nice girl end up with such a bad boy? Read Summer at West Castle, and you'll see why that's not even a fair question. A better question might be "Is redemption really possible?"
With Christ all things are possible, but sometimes we have a hard time believing that kind of life-changing transformation is true about ourselves or others. Especially when things have the appearance of not having changed, we've been replaying negative thoughts about ourselves in our head for years, or we've made prejudicial assumptions about others.
Summer at West Castle peels back all the layers of Jarret's and Caitlyn's flaws and insecurities. The the reader is treated to a sweet and genuine romance, the kind that doesn't make sense to the world but makes perfect sense through the lens of faith.
While living under the same roof - West Castle - Jarret and Caitlyn have plenty of opportunities to really get to know one another, resulting in some great romantic tension. Romance, humor, and a beautiful, relevant faith thread make this is a fabulous addition to the West Brothers series."

~Carolyn Astfalk, author of Christian romance

"What an engaging story! This clean romance for new adults rises above most Christian romances I have read. The structure, pacing, dialogue, monologue, narrative, character arcs, and emotion ... all good! I had previously had an intense dislike of Jarret from the West Brothers series (as the reader was supposed to, I think), so great job by the author on making me like him and want him to get Caitlyn to love him! Reading this story is a totally rewarding and satisfying experience."

~Cynthia T. Toney, Catholic fiction author of the Bird Face series and The Other Side of Freedom
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