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Set in the near future, the government controls everything from cradle to grave. Science and technology have developed without ethical considerations, and the green agenda has gone wild, placing the earth above man. For the sake of the earth, population numbers have been drastically reduced and people live in designated cities surrounded by high electrical fences. Life begins in the laboratory and children are raised in the government Primary and Secondary facilities, receiving the education and indoctrination they need to keep the earth safe and this society going for generations to come. Those who don't agree or cooperate, those who challenge the system, are in danger of re-education.

Unbeknownst to the all-controlling government, a hidden, underground movement exists. And Liberty is about to discover it. Life as she knows it is about to change.


book 1

Set in the not-so-distant future where faith, family, and freedom do not exist . .


short story Christmas-themed short story anthology!


book 2

Hidden no more. Imprisoned by the all-controlling government. Slated for Re-Education.


book 3

Liberty has gained a deeper understanding of true freedom, but having it for herself is not enough.


short story

Step into the dystopian world of the Chasing Liberty trilogy.

One of the stories in this anthology is connected to the Chasing Liberty trilogy, and takes place well before the trilogy begins:

"Operation Gift Drop"- In a dystopian future, Bolcan wants to prove his skills as a rescuer but this is a crazy mission: deliver gifts to Aldonians by stealth and at risk of capture.

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