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Battle for His Soul

An angel and a demon fight over a troubled teen's soul.

Softcover, 316 pp

Jarret West, a rich teenage boy, has been accustomed to having control over others and getting his way. So when his life begins to fall apart, his guardian angel Ellechial hopes now is the time for his conversion. He must be freed from the deep clutches of Deth-kye, the demon bent on seeing him in hell. The fate of several others depends upon Jarret’s conversion. Jarret's twin brother has joined a new prayer group and their prayer before the Blessed Sacrament has made Ellechial strong. Still, Deth-kye wins victory after victory. His weapons: emotions, vices and memories. Who will win the battle for Jarret's soul?

“Teens, maybe more than the rest of us, focus on the here and now. That’s why Battle for His Soul is a must read. It’ll widen your ideas about temptation, prayer, mercy, and God’s call in your life.”

~Carolyn Astfalk, Christian romance writer

“After encountering this novel, you will never again think of angels as being far away!
Another page-turner by an author at the top of her craft.”

~Susan Peek, author of St. Magnus, The Last Viking and other saint stories for teens and children
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