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Life-Changing Love

While her best friend has no rules, she must practice old-fashioned courtship.

Softcover, 330 pp

Caitlyn Summer, soon to be fifteen, must practice old-fashioned courtship with high parental involvement, but she has a terrible crush on shy Roland West and she has competition from a girl with no restrictions. As Caitlyn struggles to remain faithful to God, her parents, and herself, her best friend gets pregnant and might get an abortion. When Caitlyn discovers her mother's past mistakes, she begins to resent all the guidelines her parents expect her to follow.

"Theresa Linden does a nice job of weaving Theology of the Body into her story. This book has a strong pro-life message and would be a great way to talk about difficult dating and sex topics with your teenager."

~A.J. Cattapan, author of Angelhood

"The way Linden weaves her characters and various intricate plots together is at once delightful, edifying, heartwarming, and, believe it or not . . . even hilarious at times."

~Susan Peek, author of the best-seller Saint Magnus, the Last Viking

"Her work simply and humbly demonstrates the riches of the faith as they appear in the world, both externally and internally. In this way, she not only writes an engaging story, but also a clear invitation to the life of faith. We see here the light of a candle humbly shining, challenging the idea that such things are unmentionable in contemporary fiction."

~Amazon Review
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