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Fire Starters

While struggling to prepare friends for Confirmation, a group of teens suspect someone is behind the potential closing of their church.

Softcover, 320 pp

The moment Peter Brandt discovers archenemy Jarret West is a Confirmation candidate, the ceiling of St. Michael's Church caves in. He soon learns none of the West brothers have received the sacrament: Keefe is looking forward to it, Roland hates drawing attention to himself, and Jarret doesn't think he's worthy.Before Peter gets over his shock, whispers of bad news surround him. Parishioners suspect that the parish will soon close and be merged with a neighboring, newly remodeled church.

Peter's friend Caitlyn is anxious to help, but her life comes crashing down when her mother leaves to aid her aged parents. Now Caitlyn is homeschooling with a neighboring family and caring for her younger siblings, and she can't see her friends at school. Peter and Caitlyn soon suspect that someone might be behind the potential closing of their church. Not one to give up easily, Caitlyn suggests the Fire Starters help with preparing the West brothers and saving the church.

Story threads address questions teens have before and even after Confirmation.

"Fire Starters is a coming of age story told through the unique lens of the Sacrament of Confirmation. Theresa Linden has an eye for story telling in a compelling and engaging fashion that speaks to young and old alike. From start to finish you are engaged with the characters’ stories and in their personal Catholic faith discoveries as well. This book brings the reality of the Catholic Sacraments of Initiation to life: that they are building blocks on the faith journey with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit carrying us through."  

~Jackalyn Prosak, DRE/Youth Minister

“So often it seems that preparation for Confirmation is reduced to little more than lessons to be memorized and lengthy catechism questions. While those aspects are definitely essential, who says teens can't also be introduced to the Holy Ghost and His gifts through captivating fiction? After all, Our Lord taught His disciples through storytelling! Fire Starters is a fun yet realistic novel that every teen can relate to as they prepare for their Confirmation day. I guarantee it will give not only special insights into cooperating with grace but will inflame them with a greater desire to receive the gifts God wants to give them in this beautiful Sacrament!

~Susan Peek, author of bestselling saint stories, including The King’s Prey

“This is a great story for understanding the sacrament of Confirmation, what it means, and how it strengthens your Catholic faith. It's also a fantastic story about friendship, sacrifice, family, and community. I highly recommend this story but do urge that, while this is a stand-alone story, readers begin with Roland West, Loner and follow the series in order to really get to know the characters. The cool thing too is that all the books come with discussion questions so parents/homeschool parents/teachers can use them as part of a teaching curriculum! Such a great series for teens to understand the Catholic faith, live it in a secular world, and remain strong with the help of the sacraments.”

~T.M. Gaouette, author of the Faith & Kung Fu series
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